LANTAC DGN556B Dragon Muzzle Brake


The LANTAC DGN556B Dragon Muzzle Brake is ITAR Restricted and will not be shipped outside of the USA.

LANTAC DGN556B Dragon Muzzle Brake Manufactured to the highest quality standards and featuring a patent pending design. 

The LANTAC DGN556B Muzzle Brake offers improved recoil management and muzzle rise over competitors products. Its unique Short Energy Pulse system reduces length of recoil so that repeating shot energy cannot overlap and knock the shooter back. Full auto fire is possible with massively reduced recoil and muzzle climb, meaning that all shots fall on target. Ultra Fast Attenuation of muzzle blast gasses means that Flash Signature is also reduced. 

SPECIFICATION: Caliber: 5.56X45mm / .223 Material: Super Hard Milspec Steel Finish: Nitride QPQ Dimensions: L: 2.570'', DIA: .870'' Weight: 3.2oz Thread: 1/2-28 UNEF R/H Serial Numbered for Quality Control

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